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Welcome to the Juggling Mom blog, the wonderful, crazy chaos that encompasses motherhood for me. The full time juggling act of trying to raise two young children well, whilst working from home and doing, well, life.

The place where I believe that doing ‘real’ (in all it’s glorious messiness) is the new ‘perfect’. My chronicles of motherhood, food, healthy lifestyle and pretty things…

Writing is something that’s both therapeutic and energizes me, a bit like a special mommy-date!

I started my blogging journey when my youngest, our daughter was born. This is my space where I share about the things that I am passionate about as well as the thoughts that I ponder about. I do a lot of pondering and a lot of laughing. The laughing is mostly at my own expense and it’s my number one tool in surviving life in general! So I guess this blog is part emotional, part humorous outlet for me. 

I’m a insatiably curious person with the need to know everything, about well, everything!!!!  

I’m not particularly good at following rules, direction(s) or recipes and I am slightly obsessed with rabbits-though funnily enough, not so much the real-life kind :-) I love the colours black and white in all its pretty variations…  

I am addicted to good food (including copious amounts of dark chocolate), great wine and all things beautiful, especially well-designed interior spaces.

Happy reading!

xxx tana

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